Development Activities Meeting (DAM)

What is a Development Activities Meeting (DAM)?

A DAM meeting is a way of giving citizens, property owners, business owners, and stakeholders an opportunity to learn about the proposals that affect them and resolve concerns at an early stage of the application process.  The SSCC holds DAM meetings, in a virtual format, once a month.

How Can I Participate in a DAM Meeting?

How Long Does the DAM Process Take?

After meeting with the city planning department, the developer/architect on the given project will receive the RCO contact information to schedule a DAM.

  • Your meeting will be scheduled within 45 days of making contact
  • You must provide the same PDFs of all project information that were shared with PLI, ZBA, or other commissions.
  • The notice of the meeting is sent to the RCO board
  • 10 days prior, the meeting information is sent out to our entire mailing list
  • The DAM meeting is moderated by both the RCO & the assigned City Planner
  • There is a 30 day window for comment following the meeting- comments can sent to  
  • Following 30 days, the project lead will receive an email from the RCO with all comments gathered
  • The RCO will then write a letter of support or in opposition to the project

What Development Projects Require a DAM Meeting?

  • Projects that meet the following thresholds require a public hearing:
    • 2,400 sq. ft. of new or expanded structure
    • 4+ new residential units
    • New or enlarged parking area with 10+ stalls
    • Use variances
    • Zoning map amendments
    • Project development plan (PDP)
    • Preliminary land development plan (PLDP)
    • Final land development plan (FLDP)
    • Master development plans
    • Institutional master plans
    • An application to the Historic Review Commission – East Carson Street Historic District Guidelines
    • An application to the Art Commission

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How Can I See Past Meetings?

It’s easy. All meetings are recorded and available on the South Side Community Council’s YouTube page.