Block Watch

What is Block Watch?

A group of people living in the same area who work together to build community and improve the quality of life in their neighborhood by addressing safety issues, excessive noise, litter/trash/graffiti, and beautification projects.

How Can I participate in the Block Watch?

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors, welcome new neighbors, and check in with each other throughout the year.
  • Know and follow city codes and ordinances regarding rubbish, recycling, parking, noise, and property maintenance.
  • Reach out to your Block Watch Leader(s) if you are experiencing a neighborhood challenge and need help.
  • Please join the South Side Flats Facebook page and be sure to join the SS Block Watch group on
  • Participate in a cleanup, graffiti removal, or weeding/gardening effort.

How to connect with my Block Watch?

For more information about the Block Watches, please send an email to Please include your name and address on the email so the correct block watch lead can contact you. 

Block Watch Map

1: 10th St. thru 16th St. South of Carson Street
Michele Margittai 
Andrew Lang
2: 12th St. thru 17th St. North of Carson Street
Nicole Lockhart
Beth Beech
3: 16th St. thru 20th St. South of Carson Street
Evan Stoddard
Sarah and Zack Cinq-Mars
4: 17th St. thru 22nd St. North of Carson Street
Mike and Nancy McKay
Phil & Jill Hackney
5: 23rd St. thru 26th St. North of Carson Street
Anthony Lucas 
6: 20th St. thru 26th St. South of Carson Street
Kathleen Petrillo
Greg Briski
7: 26th St. thru 30th St. South of Carson Street
Devon George
Liz Sethner
8: Hollow
Ben Nicklow
Kathi Radock

Did you know?

  • Trash cans should have tightly fitted lids and trash bags should be sealed to decrease litter, pests, and overflow.
  • Trash cans/bags should not exceed 35 lbs. each and can be set out at 6 pm the night before trash pick up and must be removed from the sidewalk at the end of trash pickup day.
  • Upholstered furniture (sofas, chairs) and mattresses are not allowed to be stored outside.
  • Recycling is mandatory and collected every other week.
  • There are ordinances regarding noise levels, which vary depending on the time of day. The noise level is lower after 10 p.m.
  • It is illegal to set off fireworks within 150 feet (about 10 car lengths) of a building.
  • If you have questions about city services, you can call 311 or visit
  • Remove all items from the inside of your vehicle to reduce risk of theft.
  • Park next to the curb so emergency vehicles and delivery trucks can pass.
  • Check on your vehicle daily as “No Parking” signs may be posted for street work, dumpster permits, etc.
  • Street Cleaning occurs April thru November on Jane and Sarah the first Wednesday and Thursday of the month.

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