Aug 03 2021


5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

National Night Out Gathering


National Night Out

Tuesday, August 3rd (5-7:30)

End of 17th Street and Edwards Way

NNO is always a chance for neighbors to get together and this year we are inviting all the area Block Watch Leads and Board Members of the South Side Community Council to join us. There will be two areas of focus:

1.  A celebration of Esser’s Plaza and the work being done on the South Side Park (Kitty Vagley).
2.  A report on efforts being made to address the problems we all face with the Carson Street Corridor and issues with 18th Street on both sides of that corridor as well transient camp sites e.g., under the 15th Street RR overpass (Bruce Kraus and Allison Harnden).

While this is usually a positive community building experience and a chance to meet our police and first responders, we may also use this experience to establish a common bond with the police and public safety representatives to find a way to work together on the issues that confront us. Refreshments and food will be available.